CREDITS and THANKS Gasoline © The Utility Project 2007

1. Lead Vocals: Matt Billman
2. Translation help: Aida Dean and Brittany Gray
3. Backing Vocals: Erika Meyers-Bromwell
4. Lead Vocals #2: Matt Billman
6. Guitars: Kjehl Johansen
Definitions: Kenton McDonald
7. Lead Vocals: Matt Billman
9. Lead Vocals: Matt Billman
Translation: Kari and Norbert Nusterer
10. Backing Vocals: Matt Billman
11. Backing Vocals: Matt Billman
12. Lead Vocals: Matt Billman
Backing Vocals: Erika Meyers-Bromwell
13. Lead Vocals: Matt Billman
14. Words and Voice: Matthew Graham
Backing Vocals: Erika Meyers-Bromwell
15. Voice: Microsoft Sam
Bowls: Kjehl Johansen
18. Backing Vocals: Erika Meyers-Bromwell
19. Lead Vocals: Matt Billman
23. Music: Levitt
Backing Vocals: Matt Billman
24. Sound Collage: Ralph Lichtensteiger

Thanks to Patrick O'Connor for the room; Eric Braysmith for the code and the time signature coaching; Manfred Hofer for the graphics; Sean O'Brien for helping with Jellies; China Rose Williams for the web save; and Scott and Joshua for spearheading the funraising effort. Thanks to all of those who gave their time, those who gave their money, and those who gave their creative input.

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