(un)popular music creates itself using chance and codes

Moultin Larva by Utility Project


Doyle Dean Video


Empress of Ireland by Utility Project

More About the Empress of Ireland


#sadjacuzzi by Utility Project

Watch Video

Watch Video

NPR - Listen to an interview with Noah Adams about the Utility Project
NCPR - Interview with Doyle Dean about the Utility Project

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ronny_listner_is_a_bobsledder (bouquet) | brightness (untitled) | johns_garage (gasoline) | the_well (1/33) | the_engine (1'32") | cycadeoidales (1;30)

Utility Project Discography


Cover of Bouquet

About the Bouquet Disc | Bouquet Collaborators | Bouquet Disc Lyrics


Cover of (Untitled)

About the Untitled Disc | Untitled Disc Lyrics


Cover of Gasoline

About the Gas Disc | Gas Disc Notes | Gas Disc Lyrics
Gas Disc Credits


Cover of 133


Cover of 132

About the 132 Disc | About the 132 Disc Creation Process | the 132 Disc Lyrics


Cover of 130

About the 130 Disc | Documentation of the 130 Disc