The Utility Project (132)

Lyrical Content

before bags we wrapped with strings
told in school to save the things

take a string and crochet
washrags for soldiers

sadness washes over me
close my eyes and see the things

at the Marne, on the front
stained with strangers blood

been lookin for bargersville town
never guess what I found
tried searchin using my yahoo
got the website hacked by you

isk orp itx
from turkey to indy

bargersville indiana dot com
a simple message that means no harm
best regards to all the world
special thank you abluka

Rule of Thumb
arbitrageur baluster collectanea zeolite guinea grass yankee xeroradiography easy
intention lights appreciation bozo cotoneaster depress establishment figment
trim Zionism oak Lar mediad warrant dumb fit odor track hirsutism natural
Erebus warm up pulsar nut bluster zombie once float bung

mom said stay away from you
but sherry you know- we got a job to do
pennies on the traintracks
copper stars as thin as greenbacks

do you feel that
yes I feel that
do you hear that
yes I hear that
here comes the train
lets run

flying down the incline
smash- my knee --on a railroad tie
staring at my kneecap -as white as snow
under the skin flap

summer, the best time of all
highdive havin a ball
feeling thirty feet tall
planning my next cannonball

hey buddy, talking to me
hey buddy everyone sees
hey buddy somebody shouts
hey buddy your ass is hangin out

wonder what did I hear
reaching behind in fear
Dear Lord please take me from here
my bathing suit seems to be missing its rear

The Engine
picture a piece of pizza
now spin it on its end
picture perpendicular
another piece now watch it spin

the engine is quite simple
its as easy as pizza pie
its an x its a plus sign
its two butterflies that are entwined

afraid of dying, I keep on trying

the pizza spins on axis
creates a vaccum fill it with fuel
the other piece of pizza
comes around heres your event

i refuse to go to bed
I want a prototype before Im dead

I need your attention
wont you look at my invention

Chocolate Carnivore
Everybody doesnt mind a monkey in the class
Im a chocolate carnivore

the Factory blowin out the riddle of the factory
Theres that old song again

kick out the mash
kick out the sauce
kick out the mashpotato sauce

life sure would be different
If I was your twin

life sure would be different
my friend

Im the one youll hear about
from time to time

I gave up my life
so that you might live

When I was born the doctor threw me in a bassinette
I thought hey wait you aint even seen me yet

ten kids were waitin at home dad didnt want to raise em alone
mom was trying just to survive they didnt even know I was alive

Im sittin in a bassinette

well my mom was fine and dad checked me out
he saw my fingers were movin
doc came over and spanked me on the butt
and ever since then Ive been groovin

so every time I go for a walk-I look out for worms
I push em off the sidewalk-save em before they get burned

dont you give up on anybody
dont you give up on anything
and this includes perfect strangers
and this includes perfect you



a trip across the sea a trip to Po-debrady
the crystal factory, that haystack looks like me
a trip across the sea to Podebrady
a trip across the sea

we are Praha bound
a train up from Brno
our guide will show you how
and then you learn to count

Praha 1 2 3, Karlovy Vary
see what theyre doing here
much more than making beer
on to Podebrady and the crystal factory

absinthe in your mouth keeps you on the couch
the world stops turning round you cant hear a sound
muzeum or mustek god I forgot to check
another subway stop I think Im going to drop

a trip across the sea to Podebrady
the crystal factory, starumnaste nameste
diablos haunting me

I have a red comb upon my head
& two wattles under my chin
I cant fly but sometimes I try
not gonna make it over that fence

i hate this henhouse I hate this farm
and I hate my pink little legs
I think Im comin down with avian flu
pretty soon well all be dead

I knew a woman who had a girl
who took her rooster around the world
on her shoulder just for show
the funniest thing youd ever know

when she said crow rooster, when she said crow
the rooster up and crowed

I knew a woman who had a girl
the girl is gone now around the world
she took her rooster just for show
the funniest thing but youll never know

x-ray x-ray hospital
working hard all day

softball softball champions
winning big
in 62 first base

nothing that I cant see
got my lead vest protecting me

nothing much gets past me
leather glove in front of me

x-ray x-ray hospital
working hard all day

x-ray x-ray found something
inside me
now Im free miss you

Lock the saw blade into the jaws of a bench vice, teeth pointing up.
Use a round file to sharpen each individual tooth. The teeth have a
beveled side and a straight side; sharpen the beveled side. Run the
round file between the teeth to sharpen. You should see a new, shiny
edge as each tooth becomes sharp. Continue sharpening the teeth until
you have done them all. Turn the saw over in the vice and sharpen all
the teeth on the other side of the blade. Spray the blade of the saw
with a light lubricating oil to preserve the finish and prevent rust.
Coat the wooden handle with a light coat of linseed oil.
Up up Sierra Leone Sounding Strip of skin Affiliation Easily burnt
Nobiliary Foolishly Acera Stab Pasty mixture
Which Unanimous Vetch Very dirty Seasonal Already Shop Gasteropodous
Acera Easily burnt Cut Implement
Pasty mixture Intuitively Easily burnt Foolishly Nail scratch Round
Coarse round file Already Nail scratch Viciously
Already Chest of drawers Nail scratch Blunting Sierra Leone

Mississippi Comic Book
Im gonna cut another window in the wall
Im gonna cut another window in the wall
Holly Springs, Mississippi is hot hot hot
in the summer time

how could you do this to me
in front of all my friends?
dont know if I can retrieve
what youve taken from me
the Hulk and Missing Link...

I was a bad little boy I know
but not in front of the crowd
you tore my comic book apart
and threw the pages around

I cant seem to catch my breath
as confetti falls to the ground
Rainy bus stop bad day

Hole in One

The Farm

we dont have any money just some cows and a barn
never talk about anything cept working on the farm
but when I lay down and I close my eyes
I only see beaches blue water and clear skies

Im gonna get on a plane and never come back
Im gonna let you stay home with your heart attack

Im gonna lie on that beach Im gonna get me a tan
Im gonna sip on mai tais one in each hand

the cowsll need milking the hays gotta be bailed
look for my postcard with the bills in the mail

hi honey Im doing fine no I dont wish you was here
Im much too busy snorkling to fetch you a beer

help yourself to my apron the Marty Robbins tapes are yours
make sure the stove stays shiny and keep up with them chores

nows your chance honey to talk to that waitress in town
you can bring her out to the farm I sure as hell wont be around



March 15, 2004 2:07PM
AMANDA disk 935 u of charleston wv

I broke down on my way from Arkansas (home) to West Virginia (college)
in Griffin, Indiana...

I found this disc at a rest stop coke machine
while reaching to get my soda...

Made for an interesting wait
while I sat for 5 hours
until my boyfriend came and got me from West Virginia...

I'm going to leave it somewhere on the campus of University of Charleston...
Cool Idea, but didn't really dig the tunes...

Left my home in ARK ANSAS
on my way to WVA I broke down in IN

FIVE hours I had to wait
for my BOY to come from WVA

I went to the COKE MACHINE
put my quarters in the slot and
what have I got

A cool IDEA I thought but I
didnt dig the tunes
thats o.k. no harm no foul
I can drop it off at school

935 935



The Planes
I heard the planes
I heard the planes

my neighbor came runninand said the planes are bombin

thats all I remember, the 7th of December
I heard the planes!

Attacked by Dogs
8th grade graduation day
brand new dress couldnt guess

across town little sister
knocked down attacked by dogs
attacked by dogs attacked by dogs attacked by dogs

sister bled hospital bed
good lord gives sister lives

learned lesson count blessings
and you wont be attacked by dogs

attacked by dogs attacked by dogs attacked by dogs

Tell City Chair
sounds funny but it feels damn good
to cut a chair out of a piece of wood

we create buffets and tables
make everything outta maple

might not be right next door
but were a straight shot down from 64

on the banks of the O H I O R I V E R Ohio

sounds funny but it feels damn god
to turn a chair into a pile of wood

get tired of treatin them nicely
its time to do something nasty

smash the chairs against the damn wall
fuck it all is my warrior call

gonna burn me some tell city chairs
and I dont give a shit who might there

on the banks of the OHIO RIVER Ohio



my momma was a typesetter
when she was young
a pica pusher playin it by the letter
but she still had fun
my momma was a typesetter
until her job was done

then my momma was an operator
for the telephone
yes sir yes maam whats the number
patchin you home to home
my momma was an operator
until her job was done

if theres one thing my momma taught me
its that you cant stand still
you can be good at more than one thing
and still your dreams fulfill

a typesetter and an operator but
most of all my mom

Manhattan Project
beware the group of old white men
behind closed doors
with bright white shirts and ties of orange
prepare to mourn

70,000 dead at least, maybe more
as August 9th of 45 rains from the sky
I guess they did what they thought was right
to end the war

first on the ground they sent me round
I heard not a sound
hey Nagasaki Im awful sorry

your blockade stopped medicine
your blockade stopped food
our land comes from our mothers
you took that from us too
Rio Tinto shame on you

just north of Australia
is our island, bougainville
two hundred thousand people
new guinea would not let go)

you posioned our rivers
while mining copper away
were taking your equipment
and making M-16s

there was a referendum
passed in 2002
but you want our weapons
for a decade should we trust you?

Butter P
hum drum suburban life
everything is going right
no complaints except for this
Im not sure that we exist
Ill poke this pencil in my eye
cuz Im so bored I wanna die

comin home late one night
a strangers in the kitchen light
dad said my god lets go and see

he thought his family still lived here
he smelled of wine and nasty beer
eating handfuls of our buttah p

dad cant wait to change the locks
my familys in a state of shock
thank you lord you heard my prayer
now get this junkie out of here

comin home late one night
we knew that something wasnt right
thats when we met mr. buttah p

yknow freaks come out with the moon
he used his fingers like a spoon
eating handfuls of our buttah p

standing in the kitchen now
we might forget but I dont know how
weve got new keys but lost our buttah p

I had a newt and I kept him in a fish bowl
a special friend he really understood me
one day I saw him floating on the water
screamed to my mother what should I do?

the day my newt died
the sun stayed inside
the rivers ran dry
the birds would not fly
the day my newt died
the whole world began to cry

mom yelled use a salad tong to scoop him out of there
I thought that she said thong and so I used a flip flop
a flip flop is no good for picking up your dead friends
I splashed around and cried as he just bobbed on top

mom came in and grabbed him by the thorax
we said some words then flushed him down the toilet
mom held me in her arms and said it would be allright
why are you shaking, mom? honeyIm laughing

The world of HAM is waiting for you
Auxillary Amateur Radio
If youre sittin alone with nothin to do
Auxillary Amateur Radio
transmittin above 30 mhz
Auxillary Amateur Radio
I just got a nod from the FCC
now everybody gets to listen to me
Auxillary Amateur Radio

join the american radio relay league
Auxillary Amateur Radio
Headquartered in Newington, CT
Auxillary Amateur Radio
they take up our issues way down in DC
Auxillary Amateur Radio
I just got a nod from the FCC
now everybody gets to listen to me
Auxillary Amateur Radio


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